RFSoC 2x2

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RF Clocking

The following figure shows a high-level block diagram for the clocking network:


The PLLs used on this board are the:

  • LMK04832
  • LMX2594

The RESET/GPO pin of the LMK04832 is connected to the FPGA. The power-on default for the RESET/GPO pin is as an input with a pulldown resistor. This requires that hardware designs include a GPIO to remove reset from the LMK for programming.

This can be done in the a CASPER design by using a software register and GPIO yellow block. Configure the software register to be From Processor with an initial value of 0, a bitwidth of 1 and a bitfield data type of 2. Configure the GPIO yellow block with I/O group set to custom, I/O direction out, Data Type Boolean, and Data bitwidth of 1.

ADC Inputs

This board only exposes two ADC inputs; one input on tile 1 and the other on tile 3. Callout ADC 2 (J5) is connected to tile 0 corresponding to ports m0X_axis_tdata on the rfdc. Callout ADC 1 (J4) is connected to tile 2 corresponding to ports m2X_axis_tdata on the rfdc.