Tutorial 5: SKARAB ADC Synchronous Data AcquisitionΒΆ

There are currently two versions of the SKARAB ADC tutorial available. Links and descriptions of each are given below:

  1. [Latest] SKARAB ADC Synchronous Data Acquisition

This is the latest version of the tutorial that uses the latest firmware and possible hardware configurations available. This tutorial explains how a Simulink design can be created and controlled to perform synchronised ADC sampling among the channels of one or more SKARAB ADC boards that are installed in one or more SKARAB systems.

2 [Previous] 2.8 GSPS, N-channel, Synchronous Data Acquisition

This is the previous version of the tutorial for users working with older versions of firmware and hardware configurations. This tutorial explains how to capture synchronised ADC sampled data from one or more SKARABS, each of which is populated with a single SKARAB ADC board.