Tutorial 4: Wideband SpectrometerΒΆ

The SKARAB wideband spectrometer tutorials make use of a SKARAB ADC Board. There are two different bandwidth modes available for a SKARAB ADC Board depending on which ADC module is on the board. These are detailed in the table below:

Bandwidth Mode Sampling Frequency Decimation Factor SKARAB ADC Support
DDC Mode 3 GSPS 4 All SKARAB ADC Board Types
Bypass Mode 2.8 GSPS None (bypassed) Only SKARAB ADC Boards with ADC32RF45

As such, there are two versions of wideband spectrometer tutorial, one for each mode. Links to these are given below:

  1. Wideband Spectrometer - DDC Mode
  2. Wideband Spectrometer - Bypass Mode

For more information on working with the SKARAB ADC Board please see Tutorial 5: SKARAB ADC Synchronous Data Acquisition