Block: DAC (dac)
Block Author: Henry Chen
Document Author: Ben Blackman



The DAC block converts 4 digital inputs to 1 analog output. The dac runs at 4x FPGA clock frequency, outputting analog converted samples 0 through 3 each FPGA clock cycle.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
DAC board dac_brd Select which IBOB port to run this dac.
DAC clock rate (MHz) dac_clk_rate The clock rate to run the dac. Must be 4x FPGA clock rate.
Sample period sample_period Sets the period at which the dac outputs samples (ie 2 means every other cycle).
Show Implementation Parameters show_param Allows the user to set the implementation parameters.
Invert output clock phase invert_clock When unchecked, the dac samples the data aligned with the clock. When checked, the dac samples the data aligned with an inverted clock.


Port Dir Data Type Description
dataX IN Fix_9_8 One of 4 digital inputs to be converted to analog.
sim_out OUT double Analog output of dac. Note: For simulation only.



The dac takes 4 Fix_9_8 inputs and outputs an analog stream. The dac runs at 4x the FPGA clock speed.

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