Square Transposer

Block: Square Transposer (square_transposer)
Block Author: Aaron Parsons
Document Author: Aaron Parsons



Presents a number of parallel inputs serially on the same number of output lines.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
Number of inputs n_inputs The number of parallel inputs (and outputs).


Port Dir Data Type Description
sync in Boolean Indicates the next clock cycle contains valid data
In in Inherited The stream(s) to be transposed.
sync_out out Boolean Indicates that data out will be valid next clock cycle.
Out out Inherited The transposed stream(s).


(Out1, Out2, etc.) appear aligned:

In1 d12 d8 d4 d0 rightarrow d3 d2 d1 d0 Out1
In2 d13 d9 d5 d1 rightarrow d7 d6 d5 d4 Out2
In3 d14 d10 d6 d2 rightarrow d11 d10 d9 d8 Out3
In4 d15 d11 d7 d3 rightarrow d15 d14 d13 d12 Out4