Sync Pulse Generator

Block: Sync Pulse Generator (sync_gen)
Block Author: Mark Wagner, Suraj Gowda
Document Author: Suraj Gowda, Billy Mallard



Generates a sync pulse of an appropriate period for a design.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
Simulation Accumulation Length gen_acc_len The accumulation length that will be used for generation.
FFT Size fft_size The size of the FFT.
Simultaneous Inputs (FFT) fft_simult_inputs The number of data inputs into the FFT.
Taps in pfb_fir pfb_fir_taps The number of PFB filter taps. If your design does not use a pfb_fir, set this to 1.
Reorder Orders reorder_vec A vector of the orders of the reorder blocks inside the FFT. In your model, the reorder blocks are in fft/fft_biplex/biplex_cplx_unscrambler. The orders should be displayed under the blocks.
Scale scale The amount to scale the sync period by.


Port Dir Data Type Description
sync_out out Boolean The generated sync pulse.


The sync_gen block computes the sync pulse period as:


This formula is derived in Memo #25.