Bi-directional GPIO

Block: Bi-directional GPIO (gpio_bidir)
Block Author: Brian Bradford
Document Author: Brian Bradford



The gpio_bidir block provides an Bi-diectional GPIO interface.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
I/O group io_group Selects the GPIO header on the board.
Data bitwidth bitwidth Specifies data bitwidth.
GPIO bit index bit_index Specifies the pin on the selected GPIO header.


Port Dir Data Type Description
din in inherited Data input (size set by Data bitwidth parameter in bits)
in_not_out in inherited The control signal, 1 for input and 0 for output.
dout out inherited The data output.


When using bitwidths greater than one, you should specify a vector of bit indices to use. GPIO bit index should have the same number of elements as the I/O bitwidth.

Example: If you set Data bitwidth to 4, you might want you use GPIO bit indices [0, 1, 2, 3].