Block: DDS (dds)
Block Author: Aaron Parsons
Document Author: Ben Blackman



Generates sines and cosines of different phases and outputs them in parallel.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
Frequency Divisions (M) freq_div Denominator of the frequency.
Frequency (? /M * $2$ * pi) freq Numerator of the frequency.
Parallel LOs num_lo Number of parallel local oscillators.
Bit Width n_bits Bit width of the outputs.
Latency latency Description


Port Dir Data Type Description
sinX OUT Fix_(n_bits)_(n_bits-1) Sine output corresponding to the Xth local oscillator.
cosX OUT Fix_(n_bits)_(n_bits-1) Cosine output corresponding to the Xth local oscillator.



There are sin and cos outputs each equal to the minimum of num_lo and freq_div. If num_lo > = freq_div/freq, then the outputs will be lo_consts. Otherwise each output will oscillate depending on the values of freq_div and freq. If the outputs oscillate, then there will be a latency of latency and otherwise there will be zero latency.