Partial Delay

Block: Partial Delay Block (partial_delay)
Block Author: Aaron Parsons
Document Author: Aaron Parsons



For a set of parallel inputs which represent consecutive time samples of the same input signal, this block delays the stream by a dynamically selectable number of samples between 0 and (n_inputs-1).

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
No. of inputs. n_inputs The number of parallel inputs.
Mux Latency latency The latency of each mux block.


Port Dir Data Type Description
sync ??? ??? Indicates the next clock cycle containing valid data
din in ??? A number to be summed.


Ex.: Mapping of 4 parallel input samples to output for delay = 2.

4 0 rightarrow 6 2
5 1 rightarrow 7 3
6 2 rightarrow 4 0
7 3 rightarrow 5 1