XSG Core Config

Block: XSG Core Config (XSG core config)
Block Author: Pierre-Yves Droz
Document Author: Henry Chen



The XSG Core Config block is used to configure the System Generator design for the bee_xps toolflow. Settings here are used to configure the Xilinx System Generator block parameters automatically, and control toolflow script execution. It needs to be at the top level of all designs being compiled with the bee_xps toolflow.

Mask Parameters

Parameter Variable Description
Hardware Platform hw_sys Selects the board/chip to compile for.
Include Linux add-on board support ibob_linux Includes BORPH-capable Linux for IBOB.
User IP Clock source clk_src Selects the clock on which to run the System Generator circuit.
GPIO Clock Pin I/O group gpio_clk_io_group Selects GPIO type to use as clock input if using user clock on an IBOB.
GPIO Clock Pin bit index gpio_clk_bit_index Selects GPIO pin to use as clock input if using user clock on an IBOB.
User IP Clock rate (MHz) clk_rate Generates timing constraints for the design.
Sample Period sample_period Sample period for Simulink simulations.
Synthesis Tool synthesis_tool Selects the tool to use for synthesizing the design’s netlist.




The function of the XSG Core Config block is to set parameters for the toolflow scripts. It supercedes the use of the Xilinx System Generator block and has supplemental options for board-level parameters. Although a System Generator block is still needed in all designs, the XSG Core Config block automatically changes the System Generator block settings based on its own parameters.

The settings in the XSG Core Config block are used to determine the system-level conditions of the SysGen design. It sets which of the toolflow-supported boards the design is being compiled for, from which it determines what FPGA to target, as well as clocking options like clock source and timing constraints. The Sample Period and Synthesis Tool parameters are included in the block so that all system-level options available in the System Generator block could be handled by this single block.