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[docs]class Register(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, name, nbytes=4, offset=0, mode='r', default_val=0, ram=False, ram_size=-1, data_width=32, axi4lite_mode=''): """ A class to encapsulate a register's parameters. This is used when instantiating a device with a large address space, but it is desirable to be able to address sub-spaces of this memory with separate names. For example (see .. code-block:: python class sys_block(YellowBlock): def initialize(self): self.typecode = TYPECODE_SYSBLOCK self.add_source('sys_block') # the internal memory_map self.memory_map = [ Register('sys_board_id', mode='r', offset=0), Register('sys_rev', mode='r', offset=0x4), Register('sys_rev_rcs', mode='r', offset=0xc), Register('sys_scratchpad', mode='rw', offset=0x10), Register('sys_clkcounter', mode='r', offset=0x14), ] def modify_top(self,top): inst = top.get_instance('sys_block', 'sys_block_inst') inst.add_parameter('BOARD_ID', self.board_id) inst.add_parameter('REV_MAJ', self.rev_maj) inst.add_parameter('REV_MIN', self.rev_min) inst.add_parameter('REV_RCS', self.rev_rcs) inst.add_port('user_clk', 'user_clk') inst.add_wb_interface('sys_block', mode='r', nbytes=64, memory_map=self.memory_map, typecode=self.typecode) :param name: The name of this register :type name: String :param nbytes: Number of bytes this register occupies :type nbytes: Integer :param offset: Location, in bytes, where this register resides in memory, relative to the base address of the device. :type offset: Integer :param mode: Read/write permission for this register. 'r' (readable), 'w' (writable), 'rw' (read/writable) :type mode: String :param default_val: Default value for register to be reset to and initialized. Eg (0xa, 10, or "a") :type default_val: Integer or hex string :param ram: Whether the register is a RAM or not. :type ram: Boolean :param ram_size: Size of the RAM :type ram_size: Integer :param data_width: Width of the data to be stored in this register. :type data_width: Integer :param axi4lite_mode: Mode of the axi4lite interface. Eg. axi4lite_mode = 'raw', instantiates a raw axi4lite device. :type axi4lite_mode: String """ = name self.nbytes = nbytes self.offset = offset self.mode = mode self.ram = ram #self.ram_size = ram_size # Generation for `hw_rst` values of AXI4-Lite registers in XML2VHDL are interpreted as hex strings. # Make some checks, prepare, and convert if isinstance(default_val, int): if default_val > ((1 << data_width) - 1): raise RuntimeError("register `default_val` {:x} greater than represented width {:d}".format(hex(default_val), data_width)) self.default_val = "{:x}".format(default_val) elif isinstance(default_val, str): if int(default_val, 16) > ((1 << data_width) - 1): raise RuntimeError("register `default_val` {:x} greater than represented width {:d}".format(hex(default_val), data_width)) self.default_val = "{:s}".format(default_val) else: raise RuntimeError("`default_val` for Register must be an integer or hex string literal") # Addded to make provision for variable-size BRAMs in AXI4-Lite devices # - Placing here for now because # has access to the memory.Register object in the XML generation self.data_width = data_width self.axi4lite_mode = axi4lite_mode